Car Seat Tent Cover

Bewitching Stitchery

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Car seat tent covers are a sanity saver. No more chasing a blanket trying to shelter baby from wind and sun. Adjustable to fit almost any car seat handle and machine washable for the mess of life.

Available in two weights:

Winter Weight- Featuring beautiful cotton prints and cosy minky lining. Perfect for cold climates, like our harsh Canadian winters. 100% cotton and 100% polyester minky.

Summer Weight- Featuring beautiful cotton prints and coordinating crinkle cotton lining. Perfect for warm climates, or hot summers. A summer baby must. 100% cotton.

Machine wash cold, dry low.

 *safety note: never, ever leave baby in car seat under cover in direct sunlight or heat for extended lengths of time, it gets HOT in there.

Handcrafted. Proudly made in Canada



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