Collection: Monthly Pre- Order

Discover Exclusive Monthly Designs with our Pre-Order Collection!

Welcome to our Monthly Pre-Order Collection, where you can indulge in exclusive clothing and accessory designs available for pre-order each month. Be among the first to experience these limited-edition creations, meticulously crafted for you.

How It Works:

  • Monthly Delights: Unveil a new, unique design every month, available for pre-order.
  • Timeless Classics: Explore a selection of designs available consistently, tailored to suit your style.
  • Order Deadline: Secure your piece by submitting your pre-order by the 7th of the month.
  • Delivery Schedule: Orders will be ready for collection or shipment by the end of the month, except for February's pre-orders, which will be available in mid-March.

Why Pre-Order with Us?

  • Exclusive Designs: Access limited-edition creations before anyone else.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each piece is handmade with precision and care.
  • Monthly Surprises: Anticipate fresh designs regularly to keep your wardrobe exciting.

Don't miss out! Submit your pre-orders and embrace the joy of wearing bespoke, handcrafted fashion. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. Happy pre-ordering!