About Me

Art in one form or another has always been a passion of mine. I was introduced to  the art of sewing by my Oma, who was a classically trained German seamstress, when I was 6. It quickly became an obsession of mine. When she passed ten years later it became incredibly painful to continue the tradition.  It wasn't until I became a mother and had to start sewing again that I realized that this was what I am meant to do. Sewing soothes my soul. It is my Zen. It is my happy place. There is something incredibly beautiful in creating something from nothing. Sewing  allows me to express myself while bringing peoples' dreams to life in the custom pieces I create. I put a little of myself into everything I craft so there really is a little magic in every stitch.

I am a mother to 4 awesome kids . That means life is busy and I give long lead times for custom orders to cover the delays that happen with life. Everything is hand made with the same love and care I put into things I make for own kids. Everything has been life tested with my own kids for durability and quality. I meet safety standard requirements here in Canada. I also source most of my supplies from other Canadian small businesses in effort to support the small business community and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive while supporting other parents just like me.


Email: BewitchingStitchery@gmail.com



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