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Eco Napkins

Eco Napkins

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 Eco Reusable Napkins: Elevate Your Dining with Sustainable Elegance 

Unveil a touch of eco-friendly sophistication to your dining experience with our Eco Reusable Napkins. Crafted with care and designed to make a statement, these napkins seamlessly blend sustainability with style, offering you an eco-conscious alternative to traditional paper products.

Sustainable Sophistication, Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Indulge in the gentle touch of 100% cotton flannel, carefully shaped into our non-paper napkins. Each piece is serged around the entire edge, ensuring a crisp silhouette that endures wash after wash.

Beyond Disposable: Make a bold choice for the planet by embracing these napkins in place of traditional paper counterparts. Whether adorning your dining table or serving as a versatile cleanup companion, they effortlessly combine practicality with sustainability.

Laundry-Ready Convenience: After sharing meals, simply toss these napkins in with your laundry – wash cold, dry low. For a touch of extra charm, a brief ironing session can elevate their appearance. Store them neatly in a basket or on a roll, adding a touch of tradition to your modern, sustainable lifestyle.

Handcrafted Excellence, Canadian Roots: Every Eco Reusable Napkin is a testament to Canadian handcrafted excellence, using materials sourced exclusively from local small businesses. Elevate your dining rituals with a product that not only stands out in quality but also supports the community.

Dimensions and Packaging: Measuring approximately 8"x7", these non-paper napkins come in packs of 12, providing you with an eco-conscious solution for every occasion. Custom pack sizes are available upon request.

In each reusable napkin, find the perfect balance between sustainability and practicality. 

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