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Mini Bonnie Bucket Cork leather

Mini Bonnie Bucket Cork leather

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Introducing the Cork Leather Bonnie Bucket Bag – Sustainable Elegance at Your Fingertips!

Elevate your style while making an eco-conscious choice with our Cork Leather Bonnie Bucket Bag. Crafted with a smaller silhouette, this bag features a genuine cork leather exterior and a soft cotton lining. Embrace sustainability without compromising on style.

Key Features:

  • Genuine cork leather exterior for a sustainable and renewable choice
  • Soft cotton lining for added durability and a polished look
  • Hand wash only to maintain the integrity of cork leather
  • Compact measurements: Approximately 10" x 12" x 3"
  • Zipper closure for secure storage
  • Interior zipper pocket for convenient organization
  • Shoulder-length fixed strap for easy and comfortable carrying

Sustainable Elegance:

Cork leather isn't just a fashion statement; it's a sustainable choice. Harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, cork leather is renewable, biodegradable, and possesses natural anti-bacterial properties. By choosing the Cork Leather Bonnie Bucket Bag, you're making a stylish statement that aligns with your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Care Instructions:

To preserve the natural beauty of cork leather, hand wash only. This ensures the longevity of your bag and helps maintain its eco-friendly benefits.

Embrace sustainable elegance with the Cork Leather Bonnie Bucket Bag – where style meets responsibility.

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